High Tatras region

High Tatras is situated in northern Slovakia at the border with Poland and it is the only one Carpathian Mountain with Alpine character in Slovakia. Its area is - 341 km2 (260 km2 in Slovakia and 81 km2 in Polland) and High Tatras are ranked among the smallest alpin mountains in the world. They are separated from Belian Tatras by Kopské sedlo.

There are 15 separate settlements there, which were joined into one administrative unit, the town High Tatras, and thanks to thet, is the town High Tatras one of the largest cities in Slovakia. The center of the High Tatras is Stary Smokovec, which together with Tatranska Lomnica and Strbske pleso are the most popular resorts in the High Tatras.

The part of the High Tatras are spruce and pine forests, glacial valleys, moraines and mountain tarns. The High Tatras are ideal environment for hiking, climbing or skiing. In 1949, the High Tatras were declared the first national park in Slovakia - TANAP (Tatras National Park) and in 1993 were High Tatras declared to "Biospheric reservation Tatras." by UNESCO.